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Talitha has a following on the Internet. Aside from her online contributions to music, she is also producing an Internet series that is enjoying a surge in popularity. A few of her lectures can be found here.

The introduction to one of Talitha's Internet-based university courses, reprinted here.

Most every person alive or who has ever lived is wrong about how the universe works. Throughout our past as identifiably modern human beings, about ninety thousand years, only in the most recent one quarter of one hundredth of that time have one percent of us scratched the surface of how reality operates.

We are thus peculiar. We are thus extraordinary.

We in this room are closer than any human before us to understanding the nature of the cosmos and its operations. Your being here today, delving into mysteries using the scientific process of inquiry, reproducibility and peer review, places you among the most select group in the history of the world. You have the opportunity to learn, unencumbered by the lodestones of superstition and religion, merely by being alive and curious in a free society circa the 21st century.

I will help you but with the expectation that you move all of us forward. Technologically, you will create ever-better tools for the human species to wield. You will improve billions of lives like no one else possibly can. But fashioning new gadgets is not what science is all about. It is not even the primary thing that we do. Your actions will move us forward morally. More than obeying the dogma or laws of the day, we follow science because it elevates the human condition. The truths we discover stand for all peoples in all times at all places in the universe.

Knowledge informs us of the hollowness of data-free opinions. “Science replaces personal prejudice with publically verifiable evidence.” Dr. Dawkins: we will hear from him again later. Science arms us against government and religion’s absolute of the moment by researching the why. Crops fail, the dam breaks, cancer overtakes, and opinion flows, but only the scientist will ferret out the cause. We do not deal with Truth but with reality. Information explains and data predicts, knowledge prepares. In their absence you will find tradition, you will find superstition, suffering, war, the grim isms of race and sex, dictatorship and oligarchy.

I leave you with: it is ironic that so few in the world study science, when everyone on Earth uses it every day of their lives. No one learns or builds anything through divine inspiration. Nothing is inherently known. We examine, we test, we reproduce results. Praying doesn’t put up a house or a satellite; chanting will not aid in understanding gravity or Spanish. Science is how you learned to read. It’s how babies find things out. It’s how we bring up our sons and daughters. It’s how we have a society.

Welcome to my class.

(Coming soon)

Talitha wrote but never published this, nor did she intend for it to be published. We can only guess at its prophetic message.


You wake and there is something wrong with the world

As there is every day.

Your life is nowhere.

You buy but it doesn’t help.

You travel but have to come back,

Always have to come back.

There are children, but you watch with unease

As they grow into what you have become.

You wanted them to be normal

And after all,

After everything,

They are heart-breakingly normal.

Every once in a while you catch a glimpse of something else:

A rush of speed,

The ding of comprehension,

Music that plays your chords.

Reality offers a look behind the curtain.

The curtain flutters.

The curtain settles back.

Is this all we are?


It is worse than you think . . . .

Talitha once asked, "What if your civilization came into its own, that is, awakened to its potential, at the end times of the universe?" She wrote the lyrics to a song about this. There is a note indicating that it was scored as well, but this has never been found. Given her musical background, the tune was likely complex.

Will the Last One to Leave the Universe Please Turn Off the Light?
Tick tock tick tock
When is the last stroke of the clock?
Tick tock tick tock
When does it all run out?
Tick tock tick tock
Why were we born at the end of time?
Tick tock tick tock
Why should we carry on?
(end refrain)

Our spirit awakened in the twilight
Of perpetual void.
We spread ourselves across the stars,
To a hundred thousand worlds.
Reached down into quantum space,
Spread our consciousness ‘mong the quarks;
There we discovered the terrible truth:
That God was about to die.

Our history comes at the end of all history,
We’re spinning through darkness alone . . .
God doesn’t know Her own thoughts anymore,
Her sentience lost in the void.
Do we, do we rage
At the dying of the light?
What is the point of continuing on?
Faith is but a lie.

So long as there is life,
We cannot conquer hope
We find we cannot retreat ‘neath the waves
Of death’s eternal sea.
Hope is all we have in the face of ravening math
It alone grows the brighter against the dark
It won’t just let us die.
(Refrain, but use this as the very last line)
Why can’t we say goodbye?




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